Welcome to MKB Embroidery Designs! 

If you know me from By the Lake MKB Designs where I have been embroidering products for the past 10+ years, I am so happy to see you here as well! 

If you are new - I am thrilled to have you here!  My name is Mary Kathryn and I have always loved sewing of some form - thanks to my grandmother!  I am a social worker by trade, taking "time off" to stay at home raising my sons; one who is in the latter half of his college days and the other on the road to finishing high school.  I say "time off" because when my sons were young, my husband's job had us relocating every few years to the point that it was not productive accepting new clients.  Thankfully we have been able to stay put for the past 10 years!  So the "time off" has been filled with all things embroidery!

Like I said, I have been embroidering products for a good while now.  For some time, I wanted to try my hand at designing my own embroidery designs.  After diving into some digitizing classes and learning the tricks of the trade, I never looked back!  I have made some wonderful friendships in the embroidery community and like a wise embroiderer said to me when I was first learning to embroider - "there is room for all of us at the table".  I feel strong about supporting others and lending a hand when you can! If you are new to embroidery and have questions, please never hesitate to reach out!

While I am still embroidering products over at By the Lake MKB Designs, I am excited to expand my business to include my own hand drawn machine embroidery designs for embroiderers. I would love to see what you stitch so please do share!

Thank you for your support!