Limited Commercial License for 50 - 100 Uses of a Single Embroidery Design


 Commercial License Use of One Individual Embroidery Design for 50 - 100 Uses

Thank you so much for investing in me and my embroidery designs for commercial production use!

This listing is for a limited commercial use license for a single digital embroidery design file from By the Lake MKB Designs LLC. It gives you permission to stitch ONE specific and stated embroidery design file on 50 - 100 finished products manufactured for profit by you/your business OR a third party on your company's behalf (a manufacturer). You/the third party on your company's behalf must have this limited commercial license purchased in addition to the single embroidery design to be stitched.

This limited commercial license listing MUST be purchased for each embroidery design that will be stitched 50 to 100 times on a finished product. If you exceed the license amount, please purchase another limited commercial license. When you purchase this limited commercial license, please add into the order notes which embroidery design this license will be used for/assigned to.

Production of 50-100 stitched items with this design on a finished product is defined as limited commercial embroidery and is strictly prohibited without the purchase of this license. This license gives you the right to embroider/stitch this design on finished products for profit to sell.

If you have any questions about the terms of this license, please contact me.

While not necessary, it is always appreciated if you share the source for the design.

This does not allow you to sell or distribute the digital embroidery file in partial, altered or original form.

You will need to purchase a separate Limited Commercial Use License from By the Lake MKB Designs LLC for each design you will stitch past 50 - 100 times.


- you must buy the embroidery design AND this license. Each license is assigned to a single embroidery design which you specify in the notes at checkout.

- this license includes 50 - 100 uses of a single embroidery design only, if you need more, buy as many licenses needed

This license allows for the sale of ANY physical items with a single specified embroidery design stitched on them.

Don't know if you need a license? please message me!

◾ This is a DIGITAL product. No physical item will be shipped to you.

◾ This limited commercial license is good for stitching a single design 50-100 times on finished products for resale.
◾Due to the digital nature and instant downloads of purchased items; returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations are not available.
◾ You may NOT use our testers' sample photos for use in your business marketing. We DO allow you to use our digital rendering of the design, as long as our watermark is left intact.
◾ You may not copy, share, or sell my digital designs in part or entirety. Resale of physical merchandise created by using this/these designs is permitted for the limited license requirements.

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